Longhorn Poncho Name Guinness World Record

Longhorn Poncho Name Guinness World Record


Longhorn Poncho name in Guinness World Records

Short Samachar
Short Samachar
Texas Longhorns Poncho’s name is the Guinness World Records for 11 feet tall horn the longest horn.
The longest horn in Guinness World Records for a Texas American longest horn is wider than the face of the Statue of Liberty.
Keeping a cattle horn in America, leaving behind all, has registered its name in Guinness World Records. Its horn is about 11 feet, the 7-year-old Longhorn named after him has kept poncho. America has been found in Texas State.
Earlier, the name of Soto was registered
Until the time of Poncho, the horniest record in Guinness World Records was the record of Longhorn named Soto. Which is now replaced by Poncho.


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