Google Map Launches Stay Safer in India


Google Map Launches Stay Safer in India

Google Map Launches Stay Safer in India
Short Samachar

Google Maps introduced on Wednesday, the “Stay Safer” feature for its users. Google Maps has given the feature “Stay Safer” in the wake of security in India.
Is launching. Taxi or auto rickshaw will give this feature stay safe alert from Google Map on the route of the vehicle (off-route).
Google said in the statement that with the help of this feature, users can send the live status of travel to their family and friends so that they can track them. The feature is alert and notifies users traveling in taxis, auto-rickshaws when their vehicle goes off-route

How To Work on Stay Safer – In this feature, users will get the direction after selecting a destination. After that, he can turn on this feature by selecting the ‘Get Off – Route Alert’ option. If the driver wanders a 500-meter route with a suggested relationship from Google Maps, the notification will be reached to the user from the phone. Now Indian users will be able to use the new feature on their Android phones with the latest version of Google Maps.


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